The Zephyr

2017-2018 Staff

Casey White

Staff Reporter

Casey White, a senior among the Wolf Pack, is a part of the Journalism team. A dedicated varsity football player, a workout enthusiast (you can find him in P.E two periods a day) and a future sports scouter. White brings new perspective...

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Ajaybir Heir

Staff Reporter

Senior Ajaybir Heir is a new addition to the Journalism team. Heir was born in Fremont, CA. His favorite subject is Statistics because he finds that numbers are stable and reliable. Heir’s favorite teacher is Mr. Castor because...

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Andrew Escobar

Staff Reporter

Andrew Escobar is a senior in West High School’s Journalism class. He is a 5’10”, Hispanic, multi-instrumental senior, striving to be a successful psychologist. Escobar was born in San Jose and moved to Tracy in the 7th grade atte...

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Nicolas Huynh

Staff Reporter

16-year-old senior Nicolas Huynh is a recent addition to the Journalism staff and is eager to contribute to the school newspaper. Huynh has lived in Tracy his whole life. His favorite subject is Animation because he likes to draw...

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Chrissy Martinez

Staff Reporter

Chrissy Martinez, a senior at West High, is very carefree, outspoken and vibrant.  Martinez plans to go to California State University Long Beach after high school and major in Broadcast Journalism, one of the main reasons why...

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Galilea Avina

Staff Reporter

Sophomore Galilea Avina, a first year journalism student, plans to add a lot to the paper. Avina was born in Stockton and raised in Tracy alongside her brother. Avina’s hobbies include; playing basketball, reading and photography....

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Natalie Mangskau

Staff Reporter

Sophomore Natalie Mangskau enters her first year of journalism as a staff reporter to enjoy her more academic side. Natalie was born in Sacramento along with her two twin sisters. Since then, the three sisters have been really...

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Parbhjot Kaur

Staff Reporter

Parbhjot Kaur is a new addition to the Zephyr and an incoming freshman to West High. She’s looking forward to a smooth first year in high school. With an inventive and inquiring personality, Kaur hopes to get involved with the...

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Melanie Gonzales

Staff Reporter

Melanie Gonzales, sophomore at West High, is a new addition to the Zephyr team. She hopes to inform students, staff and faculty about the news happening at West. She enjoys spending her time playing the trumpet, clarinet and oboe...

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Seemani Dash

Staff Reporter

Seemani Dash is a freshman student at West High School. In her spare time, Dash likes to dance, play the piano and collect snow globes. Her extracurricular activities include Robotics Club, Mock Trial and Girl Scouts. She specializes...

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Veron Hollins

Staff Reporter

Freshman Veron Hollins, born in Oakland, CA, is a new addition to the Zephyr team.  Hollins is involved in West High’s Anime Club, and his favorite subject is animation since he enjoys the magic behind bringing different c...

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Ashley Christopher

Opinion Editor

Senior Ashley Christopher is excited to return to The Zephyr for her second year. As Opinion Editor, she is hoping to shed some light on topics that are not commonly discussed in a school setting as well as generate more studen...

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Hailey Fargo

News Editor

17-year-old senior Hailey Michelle Fargo is a recent addition to the West High Zephyr team. Fargo was born in Fremont and had moved to Tracy in the fourth grade. Her favorite subject is English because it helps her emotionally...

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Andrea Rivera

Sport Editor

Andrea Rivera is our new Sport Editor here for the West High School Zephyr. She wants to practice her writing skills and learn the art of telling a story through photography. Rivera started her schooling at Marsh Creek Elementary...

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Jasjot Kaur

Copy Editor

Jasjot Kaur (JJ), born in Tracy, California, is a junior at West High. Kaur is an excellent student who favors her science classes including the subtopics, which she finds intriguing. When explaining why she joined Journalism,...

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Jada Hallman


Driven and passionate, junior Jada Hallman is the Editor-in-Chief of The Zephyr and is looking forward to an exciting and eventful year. This is her third year as a part of the Zephyr staff and she aims to be a part of the newspap...

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