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Natalie Mangskau
Sophomore Natalie Mangskau enters her first year of journalism as a staff reporter to enjoy her more academic side. Natalie was born in Sacramento along with her two twin sisters. Since then, the three sisters have been really close triplets. Each of the Mangskau sisters have their own skills and hobbies like being artistic or playing tennis.  Mangskau’s hobbies include reading her favorite DC comics and Batman comics. She also loves to re-watch her favorite Harry Potter movies. She enjoys Japanese foods, and her favorite color is green because every single sports team she was in included green as their team colors. Talking about sports, Mangskau enjoys playing for West’s water polo and swimming team. In her own free time, Mangskau plays at Ellis aquatics during offseason. At school, Mangskau’s favorite subject is biology. Since she likes biology, Mangskau looks forward to a career in the scientific field so she can wake up every day knowing she’s helping others.

Natalie Mangskau, Staff Reporter

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