The Zephyr

Rhiann Deschine (Rhi Rhi)
Freshman Rhiann Deschine (Rhi Rhi) was born in Bremerton, Washington, and attends West High school. After living in Washington for about half a year, Deschine’s family moved to Arizona and eventually moved to California when she was about thirteen years old. Deschine is a natural when it comes to doing math; this year she is in Geometry pre-AP which is her favorite class so far. Deschine is also in drama class with Ms. Welk, who happens to be her favorite teacher because she “loves the stories she tells” during class. In eighth grade, her teacher Ms. Wyant recommended that she take journalism in high school because of her great writing skills. This year Deschine hopes to contribute her writing skills to journalism. Deschine isn’t much of a traveler but would love to go back to Arizona if she had the chance to go anywhere in the world. Deschine also has a passion for playing music as she plays the bass clarinet. She hopes to expand musically and learn how to play more instruments. She also has multiple ideas of future careers in mind. Deschine aspires in becoming a storm chaser, a music teacher or a math teacher. Whichever career choice Deschine chooses for her future, she will fulfil with passion and dedication.

Rhiann Deschine, Staff Reporter

Student Newspaper of Merrill F. West High School