The Zephyr


The Merrill F. West High Zephyr is a student publication of the journalism class. It is designed to be an informative link between students, staff, parents and the community. The purpose of The Zephyr is to allow students to express their voice in a professional manner and to remain abreast of school activities and pertinent issues.

The Zephyr welcomes your feedback on any issue acceptable and appropriate for a school environment. No anonymous feedback will be accepted. All feedback to the editor expresses the opinions of the writer and may not represent The Zephyr staff.

Advertisement space in The Zephyr is available to all types of businesses, exempting those that promote racist or sexist attitudes or activities that are illegal for high school students.¬†Pricing depends upon size and contract specifications. Information on advertising can be obtained by contacting Mrs. Alana Escalante at West High, [email protected]

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