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2016-2017 Staff

Ian Lowe

Staff Reporter

Senior Ian Lowe is a new addition to the Journalism team. Lowe joined Journalism as he seeks a future in the Journalistic field. He is thrilled to bring individuality and some new styles to the Zephyr. Lowe plays basketball and...

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Ashley Christopher

Staff Reporter

Junior Ashley Christopher is a new addition to the Zephyr family. Christopher hopes to contribute new stories to get students more involved in the Zephyr. In addition to this being her first year in water polo, she is involved...

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Marcus Butler

Staff Reporter

Marcus Butler is a new addition to the West High Zephyr staff. He is a senior and cannot wait to graduate and enter “the real world.” Butler has a passion for sports, having played basketball himself. He hopes to bring new pe...

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Hailey Fargo

Staff Reporter

16-year-old junior Hailey Michelle Fargo is a recent addition to the West High Zephyr team. Fargo was born in Fremont and had moved to Tracy in the fourth grade. Her favorite subject is English because it helps her emotionally...

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Andrea Rivera

Staff Reporter

Meet Andrea Rivera, one of the newest additions to the Journalism staff here at West High School. She would like to learn better writing skills and she would also like to tell a story through photography. Rivera started her schooling...

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Marwa Mohammadi

Staff Reporter

Junior Marwa Mohammadi recently joined the journalism program this year. She was born in India and moved to Tracy in the third grade. In her free time, she takes pleasure in reading, cleaning and sleeping. Mohammadi considers...

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JJ Kaur

Staff Reporter

JJ Kaur, born in Tracy, California, is a sophomore at West High. Kaur is an excellent student who favors her science classes including the subtopics, which she finds intriguing. When explaining why she joined Journalism, Kaur...

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Jocelyn Preciado

Staff Reporter

Senior, softball player and soon to be lawyer, Jocelyn Del Toro Preciado joined Journalism for her passion for writing.   Jocelyn was born in Hayward, California to a loving and practical family, playing jokes and still...

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Alissa Luangrath

Copy Co-Editor

Senior Alissa Luangrath's devotion for the track and field program is what she loves most about the school. She is an academically bright student taking AP Statistics, Journalism, AP English 4 and more. She is also part of the...

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Marlee Baker


AP student and violist Marlee Baker is a junior taking the world by storm.  She is determined to succeed while doing what she loves.   Baker is taking  AP US History and AP English 3.  She loves these academic classes...

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Adrian Salazar

Staff Reporter

Junior  Adrian Salazar wants to be a veterinarian later in life. He was born in French Camp, California. His favorite class is History because he likes learning about the Greeks and Romans and his favorite teacher is Mr. Mizuno...

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Valli Ford

Staff Reporter

Artistically creative and charismatic sophomore, Valli Ford, says “My favorite memory at West High, so far, is attending the rallies because I get to be with my friends.” Only in her second year of attendance, Valli says she loves West...

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Carrie Buckley

Sports Editor

Carrie Buckley, junior at West High School, enjoys running in her free time and has a passion for track and field. Her role models are Julia Flohr and Bianca Duran because of how fast and dedicated they are in racing.   B...

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Madeleine Alt

News Editor

Madeleine Alt is a senior at West High School. Her favorite subject is English because she is comfortable expressing herself and speaking in a welcoming environment. Alt’s favorite teacher is Ms. Duff because she is enterta...

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Jada Hallman

Copy Co-Editor

Driven and passionate, sophomore Jada Hallman is the Copy Co-Editor of The Zephyr and is looking forward to an exciting and eventful year. This is her second year as a part of the Zephyr staff and she aims to be a part of the newspa...

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Awesta Mohammadi

Feature Editor

A senior at West High, Awesta Mohammadi is more than happy to join the Zephyr for one more year. She plans on perfecting her journalistic skills and  bring more to the school. Mohammadi is taking four AP classes this year,...

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