Varsity boys soccer starts season with wins against Kimball and Saint Mary’s

Connie Chan, Staff Reporter

The 2015 boys varsity soccer team is in it to win it. They are excited for the season and what it will bring to West High. At the start of their season, West was able to win against school rival Kimball and the highly competitive Saint Mary’s. On their first game of the season, they beat Kimball 4-2. In September, West beat Saint Mary’s once 2-1 and again 6-2.

This competitive team wants more than to do well in the league. They are determined to go farther. “We hope to make playoffs and win the whole thing,” said senior Ahmad Samady. Senior Miguel Diaz was asked what he was most proud of this season, and he said, “I’m proud of how we became a family, not just a team. We protect each other on and off the field.”

Teamwork is a big part of the team’s dynamic. “If they come together as a group, the sky’s the limit,” said varsity coach Joe Perry.