Something to smile about


Ro’Lana Erskine, Staff Reporter

Merrill F. West High School is known for its various diverse clubs and afterschool programs. Many of which either perform at school sanctioned events or partake in community service activities. However, one club in particular is dedicated to making people smile.

Project Smile, although not a new club to West High’s campus, has been undertaking many changes this school year, including an entire new group of club members as well as a new advisor, Anne Duff, English teacher.

“Project Smile is a great club. I do not want to see it diminish because most of the members have graduated last year,” said senior Jeffrey Southards, club president.

From passing out Popsicle sticks marked with sincere compliments to posting positive posters in student infested hallways, Project Smile has never ceased to brighten someone’s day. The club’s main purpose is to improve self-esteem in students as well as literally putting a smile on their faces.

“Being a teenager is very stressful. Small gestures of kindness can easily make someone’s day better or make them slightly happier,” said senior Stephanie Segur, club vice president.

The club also has had a positive impact on teachers as well, placing heartfelt posters on their doors.

So next time you are feeling down, remember that there is a group of your peers who devote their time to making both the school and community a happier place.

“Project Smile offers an opportunity for me to help in fostering happiness beyond my own classroom…If you want to spend time with positive people doing positive things for others, join us!” Ms. Duff said.