It’s not a diet; it’s a lifestyle!

Tiffany Banh, Staff Reporter

If you believe that just working out infrequently will give the “ideal” body or mindset you want, you are not doing your research. You still need to work out, while maintaining a well-balanced diet.

It is quite obvious you can look for “healthy” recipes on the Internet, but be careful as to what is in those ingredients you buy. Former basketball coach and current history teacher, Mr. Tom Haim, gave his tips on what to look for in nutrition labels, the great benefits of eating clean and the way to have a well-balanced meal.

What to Look For: Trans fat- make sure everything you buy has 0g of trans fat. What is it? Trans fat is the fat that will never be able to leave your body. It can cause heart disease and all kinds of metabolic problems, according to Authority Nutrition. They will trick you by saying that it is partially hydrogenated, which is trans fat added to an oil. Also be aware of corn syrup, it is highly unlikely for it to be organic because it is genetically modified.

Balance Your Meals: “How do I know if it’s balanced?” Make it at home and use natural ingredients, include protein, carbs and good fat. If you think that you don’t have time for it, you are lying to yourself. You only need three components: water, fruit and some type of protein. Water should be a necessity for anyone, not just athletes. You should be drinking half of your body weight and if you’re an athlete, you should be drinking more.

The Great Benefits: After ten years of eating healthy, Haim has noticed a change in himself, such as having much more energy and being sick less. For high school students who don’t have energy at all, this is for you guys. Don’t you want your body to feel more awake and energized throughout the day? How about being sick less? Many students miss school due to sickness and end up receiving a ton of homework to make up.

Physical education teacher, Ms. Rebecca Brown, motivates herself through fitness from the inspiration of her students. She said, “I want my students to look at me and know I can do everything that I ask of them. I want to lead by example and be that motivator in their own lives.” Keep in mind, even Brown knows how difficult working out is, but she said “…push yourself… pain is temporary.”

Make Time for Yourself: You do not need to have the gym membership or all the right equipment to exercise. What you need is to be ready to work out, thinking about how accomplish you will feel after you finish your workout. Brown has recommended jump rope, lunges, squats, pushups, crunches and stretching. Take at least 30-45 minutes a day, you will feel rejuvenated.

Nutrition is Important: You can’t earn abs while eating junk food. Don’t draw them on yourself. They don’t stay; don’t even try it. Do your research, “Portion control of each food group is the biggest thing you need to be aware of. No fad diets. They only work for a short period of time, and you end up gaining all the weight back. If you love sweets or fats such as ice cream or chips, enjoy it once in a while. If you cut it out completely, you end up binging,” said Brown.

The Great Benefits: The same thing goes for fitness as well as diet, said Brown. It will “improve your mood, boosts energy levels, relieves stress and allows you to concentrate more in class and of course improves your physical appearance.” Having an active lifestyle will cut down doctor’s visits in the near future.