Teacher feature

Courtney Lee, Staff Reporter

We would like to acknowledge Mr. Steven Wichman and his excellent work here at West High.

Steven Wichman was quarterback for West High when he was a senior. He graduated in the year 2002 and went to Delta and played for the Mustangs. After that, he accepted a scholarship to the University of Idaho where he played quarterback from 2005-2007.

He is a Math teacher here at West and a quarterback coach at Delta. Out of all the schools he could have chosen to teach at, he chose West because this is where he went to high school and for the four years he attended West as a student, it was a special place to him. “My teachers provided me with the tools to be successful, and I want to give back to future students,” Wichman said.

When asked what advice he would give to freshman he responded with, “I would advise them to enjoy high school and to quickly find the balance between social and academic life.” He said that teaching where he went to high school is a “really great experience primarily because a lot of teachers that taught when I was a student still teach.”

The main changes he noticed in West were the installation of the West High Stadium and some teachers who taught when he attended have retired. “I never saw myself as a star; I just loved being a part of the team,” Wichman said. When he scouts for the Delta college football team, he looks for “players who are physically able to play at college level” and “effort.”

His teaching style and coaching style intertwine. He demands a sense of accountability from his students and his football team. “Being on time is important,” Wichman said. “It can be taken lightly but it is a huge part of becoming an adult.” He said that classes are similar to football practices except his tone of voice is different when he is on the football field because there is a sense of urgency. He believes people are not entitled to respect, they must earn it. He said he practices what he preaches to set the example for his students and his football team.