Female Athlete of the issue: Hailey Burton

Adrian Salazar, Staff Reporter

Hailey Burton is part of the freshmen football team for West High. When she was a kid she had always wanted to play football for the kids’ league but never had the chance to play. Now she has finally joined the team, even though she is a girl. She hopes to show all the other girls that football isn’t just a guys’ sport.


Full name: Hailey Burton

Grade: 9

Birth Date: August 17, 2001

Height: 5’7

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Hazel

Favorite color: Red

Sports played: Softball and Basketball

Years played: Softball, 2 years; Basketball,8 years; Football, First year

Plans after graduation: Go to Columbia University in New York

Career goals: To get a degree in Criminal Justice

Favorite thing about playing: Being able to play in front of her family

Least favorite thing about playing: Not much game time, despite the effort she gives in practice

Most memorable moment that occurred while playing: When she knocked a guy that was twice her size

How has playing a sport helped you I everyday life? It makes her feel stronger

Who inspires you to play?: Her mom and older brother inspire her the most.

Favorite teacher and why: She likes all of her teachers, but if she had to pick it would have to be Mr. Russell and Mrs. Welk