School spirit: the ‘Pack is back and better than ever


Madeleine Alt, Staff Reporter

This year, West High has revived their school spirit, and the participation that was lacking in years prior has been at an all-time high. ‘Pack Leadership has been working very hard and it seems to be paying off.

Scott Behnam, West’s new activities director, has motivated the students to be more involved in leadership and school spirit activities. They are very receptive to his enthusiasm and so are the parents. At the West vs. Kimball football game, two parents of a sophomore were eager to participate in the pandemonium. When asked what their favorite part of the game was, Tammy Coursey said, “There is a very good atmosphere, and we’re having a great time.”

It seems that the high energy is infectious. The famous Blue Crew section is extremely lively, constantly chanting and cheering while encouraging others to do so throughout the stands. One student was surprised to see such enthusiasm. Sophomore Hannah James said that she mostly comes to the games to see her friends, and she enjoys being around all the people.