Teacher feature

Mikayla Lee, Staff Reporter

Scott Behnam is a new English teacher here at West High. Behnam knew he wanted to be an English teacher as a young child; he loved reading good books and literature. He got his masters at The University of Pacific. Senior Aryion Wilkerson said, “He combines real life experiences to what we are learning, and he makes sure we understand,” when asked about her favorite thing about his teaching style. Most of his students say that Behnam is hilarious, and he proved that in his response. When asked to describe himself in five adjectives he said, “Beautiful, stunning, friendly, sarcastic and crazy.”

Behnam is a real family man; his wife decided that he would become the Activities Director here at West High, but Behnam isn’t complaining he loves to be around the students and “feels like a cheerleader.” The students aren’t complaining either, Junior Taylor Sims said, “before him West High had no spirit.” Behnam plans to bring “physically a lot of weight, fun and exciting times” to West High and everyone is more than glad to welcome him into the Pack.