Lanyards: A safety measure


Drawn by Sahar Fayaz

Anastasia Veal, Staff Reporter

Returning students and staff alike have all noticed that this year the lanyard policy is being enforced much more than previous years. To some it seems a nuisance, but what students might not know that the lanyard rule is imperative for one thing: safety.


Though no major incidents with trespassers have occurred at West High, this does not make it exempt from happening. These accidents can happen anywhere, anytime. In 2013, at Austin High School, located in East Houston, a man walked into their halls, undetected and accosted a female student. To avoid such things, security guard Ms. Jenni Payton said lanyards must be worn at all times as a “safety precaution.” Jenni also said, “We have been very fortunate and want to continue being that way.”


Lanyards not only keep our student body safe but also help out our staff. West High school librarians, Ms. Susan Perry and Ms. Sharon Singh said, “Scanning barcodes is more efficient and accurate.” These women scan in and out thousands of books a year, and ensuring there are minimal mistakes can become tedious. However, when students have their lanyards and IDs it makes Perry and Singh’s jobs a little easier. Next time you think about complaining about your lanyards, remember it’s for your safety.