Football overview

Eliu Sosa, Staff Reporter

After a struggling season, the West High Football team has a whole new persona on the field. According to Varsity head coach Steve Anastasio, the teams plays with a new fire in their eyes and attitude towards their playing. “I couldn’t be more proud of [the] team ever.” Anastasio connects to the players while coaching and accepts them like sons. His goal for the team is to win every game and improve from the previous season.

As of October 16th, West High has a record of 4-1.Varsity running back Marcel Dancy broke three records against Chavez High School. Dancy has achieved most rushing yards (389), most rushing touchdowns (6), and most points scored in a varsity football game (44). In total, he has an incredible amount of 988 yards on 123 carries and 13 touchdowns. He strives to help his fellow teammates get to the playoffs this season. Dancy views the team as a family, driven by the one goal of reaching playoffs.

Fellow teammate, Ismael Lopez, describes the team’s goal for playoffs is taking it one game at a time and reaching it together as a brotherhood. The team is a second family for Lopez and “[they] always have each other’s back no matter what . . . we are taking it very serious in the weight room to build a strong foundation.” According to Lopez the coaches are keeping the players focused and playing F.A.S.T. (Ferocious, playing with Attitude, playing Smart and playing Together).