Male Athlete of the issue: Trey McIntyre


Destinee Goodman, Staff Reporter

Do you believe in doing your own thing? Do you believe in going your own way, despite what the crowd may think? Trey McIntyre is being recognized for the sense of excitement and spirit he brings to the West High Cheer Team. In a school activity dominated by females, McIntyre stands out. McIntyre stands out because he is good at what he does, not because of his gender. His main goal in cheerleading is showing his support to his fellow cheerleaders and his school.

Name: Trey McIntyre

Grade: 12

Birth date: January 10, 1998

Height: 6’ 2 ½

Hair: Black

Eye color: Brown

Favorite color: Blue

Sports played: Water polo, Track and Field, MMA

Years played: Water polo, 2 years; Track and Field, his time at West High; MMA, 3 years

Plans after graduation: Go to a 4 year college or if not, get a G1 in the military

Career goals: Become an engineer and get a bachelors degree in Marine Biology

Favorite thing about playing: The physical challenge and developing a lot of patience

Least favorite thing about playing: Having to remember all of the cheers

Most interesting thing about playing: How much more he gest hit in cheerleading than any other sport

How has playing a sport helped you in everyday life: Helps him be more self-confident and to not care what others think

How does it feel to be the only guy on the cheerleading team: It’s cool, it can open doors for other guys who would like to do it in later years

Favorite teacher: Mr. Myers