The truth behind parking permits


Carrie Buckley, Staff Reporter

Turning sixteen is one of the most thrilling parts of our lives because it is the time when we get to get our licenses and our own cars. You feel the sense of independence and thrill as you drive to the West High school’s parking lot finally becoming one of those kids who can drive wherever and whenever they want to. Finally reaching the school, you learn that you need a parking permit or you will be fined. A parking permit gives you permission to park on campus which is not much of a struggle to obtain, but when you find out there is a fee that is another story. Lately, many students at West have been wondering about the subject concerning this matter: Was West the only high school that had to pay?  What is this policy even for? Why do we need to pay a fee?

All three high schools have parking permits. The only difference is the fees. West, with its big parking lot, pays ten dollars, Kimball, with the same size parking lot, pays five dollars and Tracy with a small parking lot, is free. Teachers, also, get a parking permit, but their fee is free, too. However, they are able to obtain this because they are part of the staff. The fees mainly have to do with the parking lot sizes. Despite the fee differences between the three schools, each one faces its own disadvantage when it comes to parking. Kimball’s junior Camille Iacangelo says that those who do not get there early enough end up having a harder time finding a good space, unlike her since she gets there early. Tracy’s senior Rachel Fernandez also says that it is not too hard to find a space; you just need to get there early enough. Therefore, only the early bird will get the best spot.

There is always a reason for these parking permits. When asked about this subject matter, the Associate Superintendent of Business Services Dr. Casey Goodall said that it was to keep the  school environment safe, therefore being on the same page as principal Troy Brown. Brown said, “It is a safety thing so we know whose cars are on campus in case there is an issue out there with the car, cars without placards or something serious.” These parking permits are for the safety of our students and the school itself. Without them, security would not be able to identify any trespassers, teachers or students.

Since the students at West pay a ten dollar fee, where does the money go? Brown says that most of the money is used to buy the placards for the students. They tend to cost quite a bit, especially when buying them around the same time. With left over money, it goes into Associated Student Body (ASB). This allows funds to be kept for certain classes and general items that can be bought. By having parking permits, the students and staff members are safe and can monitor those that do not go there and in the end benefits everyone.