Homecoming overview

Pierce Nixon, Staff Reporter

West High’s Homecoming has been subpar in recent years. After Homecoming, there was always talk among students that local high school rival Tracy High’s Homecoming was better. West High’s Leadership class brought what it takes to make this year’s Homecoming bigger and better. This year West High has a new activities director, Scott Behnam; he teaches his Leadership class with bundles of energy and lots of enthusiasm daily. When asked what it takes to make Homecoming a reality he said, “A lot of hard work and dedication from the students.” Mr. Behnam and his Leadership class have been working very hard to make Homecoming as big as it was. When asked what he thought about his Leadership class he said, “An amazing group of people who dedicate themselves to the better of the school.”

Homecoming events (the week of September 21-25) kicked off on Tuesday night starting with powderpuff. juniors and seniors pitted against each other to claim bragging rights for their designated class. Two twenty-five minute quarters and lots of plays were made. The first half neither class made a touchdown. During the second quarter it was do or die to make a touchdown for both teams who weren’t on the scoreboard. The juniors led prominently through the second half with 6-0 and shortly after the seniors gained the lead making the score 7-6. Minutes later the juniors scored once again making it 13-7. With a mere minute left the seniors made an unbelievable effort to win the game 14-13. When asked about the game, senior powderpuff cheerleader Juan Fonseca said, “I felt like the seniors dominated.” When asked about if her team played to expectations senior Ivie Eboigbodin (#11) said, “Yes we did, we believed in ourselves and brought it together in the end.” The seniors had earned bragging rights against the juniors.

Wednesday night was the night rally. For the seniors that showed up, this was their final night rally. It began and the seniors walked in excited and ready for a night of fun. All of them gathered up and rallied around the center of the gym chanting “Seniors! Seniors! Seniors!” despite being told not by Principal Troy Brown.

Friday was the last day of Homecoming; school was released early so West High students can make their way to downtown to see the student built floats. Clubs such as GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) and Space and Engineering Academy are examples of many groups that participated in the parade. The student built floats were on display to students and towns people alike. When asked what his favorite part about Homecoming Assistant Principal Zach Boswell said, “Seeing all the floats done and seeing all the hard work pay off.”

The final act of Homecoming was the football game with Varsity sweeping Bear Creek in an effortless victory 48-0 and the Homecoming king and queen (Kaylah London and Dion Collier) crowned at halftime, Mr. Behnam said, “Halftime of Homecoming was great; it was nice to see everyone dressed up on the field.” Lastly was the Homecoming dance, attended by many students, especially seniors said that this was the better dance in recent years. Thanks to Mr. Behnam, the Leadership class and many hardworking students, West High’s homecoming was ultimately a success.