Boys’ basketball preview


Alissa Luangrath

Michael Hayes securing the rebound.

Alissa Luangrath, Staff Reporter

The Varsity Boys basketball team started the season strong with close games. Playing their hearts out, they lost to Chavez 91-88 on Nov. 27 and Johansen 81-72 on Nov. 28. The boys made up for it when they beat their biggest rival, Tracy High School. West beat them 70-66 at the Tracy Foundation Game, showing them who’s best!

Varsity Head Coach Derek Sprecksel said they had a tough season last year, but their team has grown and he sees a lot of potential. With 19 out of 21 winning seasons, West is one of the very few programs to accomplish that and have the chance to win this year.

“I recommend that students come watch us. We’re gonna be a very exciting, fun team to watch and we’re gonna be successful,” said Sprecksel.

Senior Isaiah Grady, current captain and point guard, believes that his team is “pretty good” because of how many skilled players they have. To prepare themselves for a game the boys listen to music and watch their opponents play in different styles.

“We’re gonna be good this year!” said Grady.