Special Programs Night

Adrian Salazar, Staff Reporter

Every year West High showcases special programs and classes for the 8th graders that are getting ready to start their four years of high school. These four years can be fun and challenging at the same time.

Many students and parents showed up to the Special Programs Night (S.P.N.) to see what West has to offer. There was a Jazz performance and Polynesian and A.P.I (Asian Pacific Islander) clubs performed too. After Principal Brown gave a speech the students where released to go explore the programs.

There were many programs showcasing what they have to offer to the student. Some of them were AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination), FFA (Future Farmers of America), AP (Advanced Placement) classes, Animation and the Space and Engineering Academy. The top programs that caught many 8th graders eyes were Space and Engineering, FFA, Animation and even AVID. Many of them seem to be having fun and can’t wait for next year.

English teacher and AVID Team coordinator, Ms. Susan Uhl, attended that night with the help of seniors to showcase the benefits AVID has to give. She works along with the club advisor Ms. Shauna Rodgers, and communicates with AVID teachers such as Ms. Gard and Ms. Ludwig. She was giving applications for those who were interested and had story boards on Universities that AVID students worked on. Ms. Uhl says it’s proven by statistics that 30% more high school graduates go straight to a 4 year college with the help of AVID.

There were a lot of students at this event, and one was Annie Sou. She is currently an 8th grader at Monte Vista Middle School and attended that night with her friend. She attended the night hoping to get information on dance clubs. Programs that caught her attention where French Class, Drama and Journalism. After she graduates from West High, she wants to be a professional dancer or go to the medical field at UC Berkeley.

The Special Programs Night was a fun experience for the 8th graders who are ready to see how high school is. They got to see everything West offers and even see the rabbits the FFA members brought.