Wrestling preview

Awesta Mohammadi, Staff Reporter

The West High wrestling team is excited about the new season. New wrestlers, both male and female, and many returning players support each other and hope for a great year. Although wrestling is not a team sport, like football or basketball, it still involves team work and support. Junior co-captain Greg Vilora said “ We cheer [for ] each other,” when asked about how individuals work together.

Being a wrestler is a tough role to manage. When asked about how practices were for wrestling, Junior Jazmin Villa, first year female wrestler and previous cross country runner, said, “It’s cross country plus a lot more.” The wrestling team had a great year last year with “ three to four people going to sections” said Vilora. When asked about the expectations from a girl, class ’15 Iman Kazem winning California state girls’ wrestling title last year, Villa said, “It’s more from the girls, but people dedicate time for you.”

Although the team has shortcoming of weights, they believe they can over come that flaw with more practice. Vilora said, “ This year we hope to go to sections again, like previous years.” We hope for the best for our wrestlers and have full confidence that they can achieve their goals through hard work.