SEA students tours UC Berkeley

Brenda Chen, Staff Reporter

Nov. 16-On Tuesday, November 16, Science Olympiad and Space and Engineering Academy (SEA) students tour U.C. Berkeley. Such college tours are now possible due to the strong efforts of a nonprofit organization called the West High Science Boosters club, also known as WHSB. During the U.C. Berkeley college tours, students talked with U.C. undergraduates who informed the students about admissions, the university itself and what engineering laboratories are like. Unlike other clubs, parents and teachers in WHSB work to increase the experiences of SEA and Science Olympiad students.

As this club started three years ago by the actions of parents and teachers, events like the U.C. Berkeley engineering tour led executive officers to talk with one another during after school meetings, Arosha Goonesekera says as the head of the activities director and parent of WHSB.

Funds were for nonprofit use and each existing student travelled by car and held their own responsibilities of walking in time with the tour group. Despite this, students take on the challenges offered by admitting to the tour. An admissions information session at U.C. Berkeley had students meet U.C. members and observe the college’s foundations with which students can qualify as applicants for the college. Similarly, undergraduates were enthusiastic about their own majors and the futures of high school students.

“[They were] people who were really passionate about their majors or activities they were involved in,” Jennifer Lukban, SEA student in the tour, said. “They weren’t too afraid to get a little too excited about what they’re currently spending time on.” Students address this university’s potential, and the outcome gives them a wider view on an important part of their future.