The ‘Pack’s Running Back

Jocelyn Preciado and Sahar Fayaz

From staying on top of his books to rushing on the field, the Pack’s running back does it all. Marcel Dancy has played on West High’s varsity football team for the last two seasons. Dancy has broken multiple records for the school. He completed a total of 1914 yards with 291 carries at the end of the season. Dancy was able to score a total of 30 touchdowns alone.

Dancy was inspired to play football by his father and watching his brother and cousins play as a little kid. He wishes to give his family a better life as his dream is to play in the NFL. Dancy definitely sees his teammates as a second family, “We’re closer than family.”

Dancy strives to attend a 4 year college and play in Division 1. He does well achieving an equal balance between academics and athletics, but makes sure to stay on top of school as well as attend football practice.

In Coach Steve Anastasio’s interview with the Stockton Record, he said,“Dancy is bigger,stronger and faster… you can slow him down but he just keeps going.” Dancy advises future players to “Work harder than the next person.” West High is proud of the achievements Marcel Dancy has accomplished and wishes him the best after graduation.