Board member accused of bullying

Breeahna Dobson, Co Editor-in-Cheif

West High senior Presley Graber publicly spoke out against the negative commentary of a board member at the District Board Meeting on October 13, 2015. Graber accused the anonymous Trustee of rude remarks aimed towards her during West High’s homecoming week back in September. She fears retaliation, and feels that the district should enforce positive influences to help stop bullying.

Throughout the meeting, various board members addressed the Graber family directly, often apologizing on behalf of the board, thanking them for bringing awareness to the issue and pointing out that TUSD is an anti-bullying district.

Previously anonymous, Jill Costa, the accused board member, brought attention to an agreement in place that stated she would apologize. As expressed in the meeting’s minutes, “She feels that Mr. or Mrs. Graber never heard her comments, but she is sorry for any stress this has caused. She wished Presley success in the future.”

However, in a following district board meeting on October 27, 2015, a handful of West High cheerleaders and their families brought the situation into a new light. They addressed Costa’s positive influence in the school district, mentioning her support and contributions. The cheerleaders also accused the Graber family of various forms of bullying, favoritism, and negative behavior.

The dispute is now under private investigation.