Making music

Pierce Nixon, Staff Reporter

Step up to the microphone, headphones on, lyrics prepared and get ready to vocalize your story. Music is a pivotal pillar to the foundation of the human race as we know it. Sound is everywhere, many sounds make various forms of unorganized music. To give music meaning you must write a story. This story could be based on anything: the past, the future, what you want to be, losing a loved one or how you want to change the world; the possibilities are endless.

Making music to some is a hobby, to others it’s a job about being passionate and true to who you are. West High class of 2006 graduate Kevin Farpella said,“My main goal in my music career is to win a Grammy. I think it’s a common goal among people in the music field. It is definitely one of the toughest goals to accomplish, but if your goals seem too realistic, you’re not aiming high enough.” When asked about making music, Ryker Lee Azbell, guitarist for Cro-X said, “Making music is very fun, it allows you to express yourself in a way that nothing else can. It’s like a personal counselor that can’t judge you.”

Many people make music for financial gain or for the famous flashy life while others make it for personal goals. When asked why he makes music, Bay Area music artist Sergio Cuevas/ Venoz said, “I make music and songs to put out the energy I am feeling at that moment. It’s a therapeutic medicine for my aura.” While making music is fun, listening to music is serene and calm. Music is a pastime. It’s there for us when we’re down, thinking of life or when we’re stressed. Ben Fields, a Tracy recording artist said, “Music making to me is a way I can express myself and share my talents for the world to see. Standing on stages and performing in some amazing cities in front of amazing crowds makes everything so worth it.” Music truly makes the world go round; without it, the world would be a much different place.