Stirring up new looks: A Home Ec room is made

Valli Ford, Staff Reporter

 Stoves are heating, food is cooking, dishes are being made, but where does this all take place on school campus? In our Home Economics (Ec) room, of course. But when the room is in poor condition with less than half the appliances working, what is there to do? After years of asking, there will finally be a brand new Home Ec room, courtesy of Rebecca McLatcher.

In her current room, there is only one sink and there is only one oven in the room that works. “With 35 students, it’s problematic,” says McLatcher. “Due to how the way the room is built, it’s not traditional. We needed a facility that will support hands on experience.” McLatcher had been waiting for a new room for about four years. “It was announced 3-4 times before it actually happened.” said McLatcher. “Mr. Brown was quite instrumental, he was really supportive and he helped throughout the whole process. My students are excited.” One of McLatcher’s students, Navi Hans, said she was “excited for the new room and tired of the old room…looking forward to having new things.” Another student, Star Fagundes, says “It creates a better learning environment, and we want to explore new things.” McLatcher’s students agree that in the classroom, there’s a home environment and it gives a warm sense of home to the class.

In the new room, located at P-19, there will be 8 new sinks, 6 ranges, a cooktop, and 6 microwaves. There will also be 4 new refrigerators and they’ll be keeping the commercial fridge. “We’ll have all tile flooring, and no more carpet,” says McLatcher. “It’ll be a lot easier to clean.” McLatcher will also be keeping her computers with Chief Architect software for the floor plans and three dimensions. The room was built by an architect and he designed the room’s layout. McLatcher helped by inputting the colors she wanted for the cabinet, countertops, flooring and walls.

With a new room built, new opportunities and experiences will arise. “It will get my students up out of their seats and involved. This gives them more opportunities to be successful,” said McLatcher. She also believes that it will “reinforce correct measurements and sequence, and will teach them good cooperation and planning skills.” In the new room, McLatcher wants to definitely do more cooking with her classes and do some more elaborate and advanced recipes.

A new room leads to new changes, and new changes lead to better and newer opportunities. McLatcher and her students are excited for the new room and hope to be able to explore their horizons to their hearts’ content.