AP Exam Price Increase


Victoria Serrato, Staff Reporter

Advanced Placement (AP) classes are designed to challenge students and prepare them for college level classes. West High is fortunate to have a wonderful AP program which enriches the minds of students and puts their best abilities forward.

This year, however, some students are surprised by the fact that the AP exam price has increased to $100 per exam. For some this change directly affects them and their families.

Senior Danny Kok said, “It affected all my decisions since my family isn’t very financially stable.” However, Kok also said, “It’s not worth it you’re taking an AP class but not taking an AP test.”

Junior Victoria Garcia and Senior Johanna Chavez had similar thoughts. Garcia said, “It [taking an AP exam] depends. Some people just take it because they’re in an AP class.” Chavez said, “It’s worth it because colleges look at that,” and “It looks better on you.”

When asked if this price increase affects which AP exams she would or would not be taking, Senior Thuy Tien Le said, “If you’re not good at that subject take the test, if you’re not don’t take the test.” Le also said, “Even though the price is kind of high, it’s worth it in the future.”

Overall students seem to agree that although the price increase might be a bit of a shock, it pays off in the long run.

Kok said, “So while the price for the AP test increases it’s still important to take the test if you’re planning to go to college.”

If you need help paying for the AP exam(s), see Ms. Garro in H-4 for information on financial aid.