Music Review: “Blurryface,” by twenty one pilots

Madeleine Alt, Staff Reporter

Blurryface is the duo’s third album under their current record label, Fueled By Ramen, and was released on May 15, 2015.

Distinctly defining their sound is very difficult. Some call it alternative while others believe it to be a mixture of rap and other elements. Either way, twenty one pilots has left an ongoing impact on their fans, through honest, poetic music that has a thought-provoking effect on listeners. The band adopts a new, edgier sound when compared to their previous album, Vessel. The album opens with “Heavydirtysoul”, a fast-paced track with heavy percussion from drummer Josh Dun and lyrics that insinuate a battle between front man Tyler Joseph and his dark thoughts that threaten to control him. As the record continues, Joseph is honest of his fears for the future, with “Stressed Out” and “Ride”, although the mood evolves into something lighter, through the quick, catchy track “Tear In My Heart” that revolves around his affinity for his wife. However, the duo still has an important message to deliver by calling out the mainstream music industry via the rebellious justice of “Lane Boy”. Throughout the rest of the album, Joseph’s troubling thoughts are brought to light. The record ends with a reminiscent tone through “Hometown”, and closes with the slower, more serious track “Goner”.

With a dedicated and ever-growing fan-base, Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun have found themselves leading a meaningful journey, and I am thrilled to see what they will create next.