New girls soccer coach

Mikayla Lee, Staff Reporter

The girls soccer team added a new coach to their team this year. English teacher Mr. Arash (Scott) Behnam has been selected to lead this year’s girls’ soccer team. Behnam plans to get a lot of different girls to practice daily and to be committed to the team and the game. Behnam says he expects the team to be very competitive this year and to be a playoff team.

He plans on achieving these goals by a lot of hard work from the girls, a committed program and community involvement. Behnam feels “fortunate to be a part of a great team who has had great coaches.” The team accepts Behnam as the new coach and respects his changes. The Wolf Pack can’t wait to see the “new and improved” soccer team of 2016. We hope that the soccer team will achieve all of their goals and will bring home a successful season.