The Amazing Amadeo


Paolo Suarez, Staff Reporter

Amadeo Libaste is one of West High’s hard working custodians and has been a part of the Wolf Pack since the school opened in 1993. Prior to coming to America, Libaste worked in the fields for 7 years before his parents petitioned him. Libaste emigrated from the Philippines in 1983. He is proud to have raised all 3 of his children and sent them to college in America. His eldest child is pursuing nursing, while his middle child is a chef in Las Vegas and his youngest recently graduated from UC Santa Cruz.

“West High is nice. The people are nice. That’s why I feel comfortable working here.” When asked about how he is able to bear patience when cleaning after students, Libaste said, “It’s my job. I have to have long patience.” We are proud to have the great support of custodians at West High!