Male Athlete of the issue: Isaiah Grady


Breeahna Dobson, Co Editor-in-Chief

For the past ten years of his life, senior Isaiah Grady has been playing the sport of his dreams: basketball. Grady plays point guard on West High’s varsity basketball team. In addition to being a point guard, Grady is also the team captain.

The title of team captain wasn’t just handed to Grady. He had to earn it. As the team captain, Grady is responsible for keeping the team together and making sure everyone is focused. He advises anyone who’s striving to be a captain of their sports teams in the future to “lead by example in practice and in games.”

Out of all the basketball players in the NBA, Grady’s favorite player is Russell Westbrook Jr., point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Grady may be a big fan of Westbrook, but when it comes to his own fan base, his dad is his biggest supporter.

After graduation, Grady plans to continue playing basketball in college.

With dedication, determination and the constant support of his friends and family, Grady has dribbled his way to the top one basket at a time.