The poop scoop


Tiffany Banh , Staff Reporter

Have you ever walked into the restrooms on campus and wondered, “When was the last time they cleaned these things?” I know I definitely have. Let’s say it’s the beginning of the day, it’s pretty clean, maybe a couple of paper towels on the ground, but nothing I can’t pick up myself. But have you guys seen them during the afternoon? Now, that is what I call tragic.

It seems like every time I step foot into the restrooms, I have to wait in line and am forced to stare at the depressing colors of the walls. If the walls were white, maybe people would try better to keep the restrooms clean. How are people supposed to look great in their mirrors selfies if the walls are clashing with their outfits? Or the floors are covered with “water” and paper balls?

I know way too many people that are constantly late to their classes because sometimes there’s only two stalls that have the privacy of using a lock. I think a huge necessity to these restrooms, would definitely be locks. If we have money to buy mirrors, why can’t we use that money on something more reasonable?

What if people really started to clean up after themselves or respect the school’s property? I know very well many of my friends try to make a “basket” using a crunched up paper towel, but miss and proceed to not pick it up. Instead of missing the shot, be Stephen Curry or whoever you prefer and actually make the shot or pick it up after. It’s our school and if you choose to disrespect it, then don’t complain about it.