Getting back on Track!

Valli Ford, Staff Reporter

West High’s track team is training like they always have been for the upcoming season. Each section is doing their best and working their hardest for every meet and practice they attend. “For my runners, it’s tough on them,” said Distance Coach Theresa James. “To be a distance runner, they need to believe they can . . . Just start. When doing conditioning, be dedicated. Work hard, because success comes to you over time.” Coach James looks forward to challenging the kids, and them meeting the challenge.

Senior Anthony Rhoads, high jumper, hurdler and thrower, has participated in track for three years. He likes how everyone works as a team, and gets along with each other. To him, it makes the track season fun. “Track makes you more competitive; [track] really brings out your self-image. But not only that, it helps you collaborate with others and work as a team,” Rhoads said.

The atmosphere at a track meet is very supportive. They’re trying to get each other pumped up. They have a comfortable environment, but everyone knows when to be serious. It’s more of an opportunity to excite each other and motivate one another to persevere. There are 16 events that range. Usually, there are four events going on at a time; it can get very hectic but the coaches are very good at keeping things at order since they’ve done it for so many years. Anyone can feel the electricity among the crowd because the very last events can determine everything. However, after a meet, everyone is tired because they worked so hard to meet their goal for the day. The track team looks forward to improve and are hungry to succeed.