An open letter to Donald Trump

Jocelyn Preciado, Staff Reporter

Dear Donald Trump,

I am Mexican. I am a murderer and a rapist. I am Catholic. I look up to an “idiot” of a Pope. My grandparents came to the United States for a better life. They are the worst of Mexico. One of my best friend’s family is from Afghanistan. They need to be tracked by a federal database.

Being called a “beaner” always hurt a little, but I never truly knew what it meant. Being told that I wasn’t smart enough or pretty enough always broke my heart. Being called a part of the criminals and rapists because of my race by a person who didn’t know me, but was running for president, was a thing that crushed me. How can anyone call themselves a decent human being if they openly insult races and cultures? Minorities are projected to make up 58% of the population by 2020 compared to the 38% in 2013 in the United States.

Donald Trump’s policies can be related to Adolf Hitler’s by using racism to rise to power as Trump plans to have Muslims to wear special marks on clothing just as the Jewish did. He doesn’t believe that 14th amendment was constitutional and the citizens that benefited the rights given from it are not “real” Americans. How can any person be declared as less than another? What puts one race above another? Trump’s main tactic is to bring controversy and use racism as a technique to persuade radical Republicans.

Pena Nieto, President of Mexico, expresses concerns of Trump furthering in the election. He puts part of the blame on the recently strained relationship between U.S. and Mexico because of Trump. Nieto explains how Trump is capitalizing on the struggles while the country faces an economic downfall. He even goes as far as to compare Trump to how Mussolini and Hitler came to power. In early 2016, citizens of Great Britain had even started a petition to ban Trump from the nation and gained over 250,000 signatures.

How can one man be hated by so many people? If the internet and social media is being blasted with hatred for him, then how is he still leading in the Republican Party? He supports mass deportation of immigrants from the United States, but he is a first generation American-born citizen.

The president of the United States is a worldwide representation of the nation and a figure that the common man relies on and trusts. I may not be of age and qualified to vote, but I have a voice. I am not a murderer and a rapist. The Pope is a religious figure who I look up to. My grandparents are my heroes for the big risk that they took and sacrifices that they made. My friend is a person that I trust wholeheartedly and has the biggest heart over anyone that I know.


Jocelyn Preciado