Animal Love

Carrie Buckley, Staff Reporter

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night with a bad dream? Stressed because you have final exams soon? Or even just in an emotional mood that day? Well, animals can help relieve that. So I propose this: let’s have animals on campus to help this emotion before events like mid-terms and finals.

Having an animal on campus may be a difficult situation, however it could even be just cats and dogs. Recent studies shown by the American Heart Association have shed light upon the benefits mentally and physically animals have on their owners. Animals have heightened senses and can easily detect something about the way person walks determining if it is a danger to them or a chance at some love. Dogs, for example, have evolved to be acutely attuned to our behavior and emotions. They know only a few words, but they are even better at interpreting your tone of voice, body language and gestures.

One of the many reasons that dogs and cats are seen as a therapeutic source is because they fulfill the need humans have for basic human touch. Stroking, touching or hugging an animal can easily reduce stress levels and pacify our emotions. Just by playing with them your body levels of serotonin and dopamine will rise, which calm and relax oneself as well as lower high blood pressure. The companionship of an animal brings happiness resulting in a less likely chance of depression.

Depression is not the only thing companionships can reduce, but also illness and loneliness. Caring for an animal makes you feel wanted and needed. It takes your focus away from any problems in your life and puts it into your animal. They offer comfort and self-confidence, reducing anxiety in the mix of everything. They are able to do this because animals live in the moment. They do not think about tests, relationships or worries of the world. They encourage playfulness, laughter and exercise which can boost your immune system.

Animals are beautiful creatures of this world that are sometimes taken for granted. They are special creatures that can provide anything as simple as happiness. So why can’t we have them in school with us just to pet then when we feel our emotions sky rocket? They would in the end improve everyone’s health and ultimately feel loved as well.