Female Athlete of the Issue

Brenna Claus, Sports Editor

Jalen Ervin is a 2nd baseman for the varsity softball team. She brings excitement to the field with her fire and spirit. Ervin plays like an upperclassman, despite the fact that she is so young. If she keeps her determined mindset, she could play softball at the collegiate level.

Full name: Jalen Milan Ervin

Grade: 9

Birthday: August 20, 2001

Height: 5”1’

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Favorite color: Baby blue

Sports played: Softball

Years played: 10 years

Plans after graduation: Study business

Career goals: Own her own company

Favorite thing about playing softball: Likes being with her team and cheering for them

Least favorite thing about playing softball: Making errors

Most memorable moment while playing: Her teammates cheering for her when she hits a good ball

How has playing helped you in your everyday life?: Allowed her to share a common interest with her friends

Who inspires you to play: Dad and Mom

Favorite teacher and why: Ms. Loggins because she can tell her anything