Sunday Morning Boys

Pierce Nixon, Staff Reporter

Sunday to many people is usually the end of the week, to others it’s a day of relaxation, a time of religious activities, or to a group of young men, it’s a time of making music. Matt Boswell, Adam Nethaway, Joey Teyshak , Peter and Colin Creasman are all members of a group they formed by themselves called the Sunday Morning Boys, a local Tracy alternative rock band on the rise. When asked about the origin of the band, Joey Teyshak said, “We all know each other from church on Sunday and we all knew how to play instruments and after a long time we decided to make the Sunday Morning Boys.”

When asked about what the bands strives for, Nethaway said, “to make good original and meaningful music.” On February 14, the Sunday Morning Boys performed their album live in front of a crowd of over 90 people at the Creasman’s house to a successful turnout.

Many independent artists make music for personal preferences, for money and to some, share a relatable story. When asked about the reason the band makes music, Boswell said, “We make music because we all love music very much; we wanted to make our own.”

The Sunday Morning Boys have a range of many inspirations originating from alternative rock. From Blink 182, Death Cab for Cutie, All American Rejects and many other bands. When asked where the band sees themselves in 5 years, Colin Creasman replied, “In five years, we hope to have fully recorded and produced the two albums we’re currently working on as well as continue writing and touring around the state. For us, music is permanent.”