A place to learn or a place to fight?

Adrian Salazar, Staff Reporter

West High is an excellent school, from smart kids to amazing teachers in every classroom. However over the past few months of this school year, there has been a problem: fights. This school year there has been about four or more fights around campus from a huge group fight to smaller ones. As soon as a fight starts, security and teachers will try to break up the fight to make sure no student gets hurt, but the students fighting still have to face the consequences.

If you’re arguing with someone, the best thing to do is stop because things can go from zero to a hundred real quick, depending on what one person says to the other. If someone is trying to fight you, it’s better to walk away so you don’t get suspended. It can affect your future activities, especially if you’re a senior.

Sophomore Chance Spivey said, “I’ve seen two fights this year. I was walking to class when that huge fight started in front of the library; it obviously catches your attention, but it’s better to just walk away. The other one was during my 6th period PE class; two girls just started fighting out of nowhere but were separated by Mr. Myers.”

When asked why people start fights Spivey said, “Fighting is for people who are too stupid to solve their problems any other way. It’s better to talk it out and chill.”

Fighting is turning into a big problem here at West High. Hopefully the students figure out how to resolve their issues instead of putting up their fists and getting suspended.