Male Athlete of the Issue: William Yahne

Tiffany Banh, Staff Reporter

Junior William Yahne started playing for the golf team for the “passion to play a sport where there was competition and strategy.” Yahne’s biggest supporter is the team’s coach, Mr. Frederick Russell. “[Russell] is always there making [Yahne] a better player everyday and always having faith in [him] and pushing [him] harder,” Yahne said. Russell described Yahne as, “Consistent, [passionate] for the game and a good example for the team.” Yahne’s motivation when he has a bad practice or game is when he realizes “getting another chance to refresh and start over on the next hole to do better” will get him through.

Full name: William Keith Yahne

Grade: 11

Birthday: January 18, 1999

Height: 5’9”

Hair: Dirty Blonde

Eyes: Green

Favorite color: Red

Sports played: Golf, baseball

Years played: Golf: 1 year, Baseball: 6 years,

Plans after graduation: To go to UTI mechanic school in Sacramento, CA

Career goals: Professional mechanic

Favorite thing about playing golf: The challenge

Least favorite thing about playing golf: Nothing

Most memorable moment while playing: Making a shot from 150 yards away

How has playing helped you in your everyday life? : Learning to communicate and strategize

Who inspires you to play: His brother

Favorite teacher and why: Mr. Behnam, because he is inspirational, outgoing, motivating and hilarious