Finals made easy?

Tiffany Banh, Staff Reporter

The long and dreadful week of each semester: finals week. The week is usually filled with tears, all-nighters and caffeine from those long nights of studying to get the grades to be able to pass all your classes.

However, don’t stress yourself out too much—Math teacher Ms. Karen Evans said, “To take [your studying] step by step. If you need help, ask!” Every class department has a lab: English, Math, Science and even Foreign Language; use them to your advantage! Even your own teachers are as resourceful as those at the labs; after all they are the ones assigning you the final exam.

Those study guides we all hate doing are our best friend during finals; there’s nothing better than knowing the exact materials you need to understand than the materials provided to us from our teachers. Junior Jasmine Angeles said that she “uses that to [her] advantage and study what is listed on that review in addition [to focusing on] concepts that [she] had trouble understanding in the course.”

Unfortunately, studying with a partner is quite difficult, especially if it’s a close friend. If you do plan on studying with a partner, pay close attention and try not to get off topic. You will regret it later.

Although studying remains a huge factor on passing your final exams, Evans highly suggests to go in with confidence; your studying will pay off. It’s perfectly okay to take breaks in between studying; you do not want to fry your brain out before a huge test. Both Evans and Angeles suggested that we all should try and prepare a week or two before, so once we get our study guides, we will be able to breeze through it! Angeles’ key points to studying are to separate yourself from your phone/social media, have nearby foods that help you study and get lots of sleep.

The best food to eat while studying is any source of energy, whether it is fruits, granola/oats or even a glass of milk! Also get yourself comfortable from head to toe before you study for finals. Overall, finals are hard but with the right help, they will be made easy.