Lazy or just overwhelmed?

Awesta Mohammadi, Features Editor

It’s senior year, second semester, last year of school. You have homework assigned that’s due tomorrow. Ok, you think, I have all afternoon to do it. And after fidgeting around, surfing the web, chatting with friends, maybe binge watching your favorite show on Netflix, comes 10 o’clock. And not a single stroke of pencil on your homework assignment. What do you do? You sleep. Yes, you sleep thinking you have time tomorrow before the period starts. It’s due 5th period, I got time. Throughout the whole day, you struggle to finish the assignment as fast and thorough as possible, so it doesn’t look like you waited till the last minute to do your homework. Whew! You let the relief sink in for a moment, until you are given another assignment that’s due the following day. And you know just as well as I that the cycle will repeat.

Why do we slack off as senior year inches closer? Are seniors lazy or just overwhelmed with homework, sports, prom, graduation and other senior activities? AP student senior Sameera Qureshi said, “Honestly, I think it’s both. It depends on seniors and their classes.” AP student senior class Salutatorian Ervin Baccay said, “They [seniors] are lazy, definitely lazy.” As the year progresses, work load becomes lighter, which causes students to push the light amount of homework for later. Baccay and Qureshi both emphasized the importance on time management and work ethic.

I get it, by second semester all motivation to do well is lost. No need to keep up your GPA, no need to participate in the club activities, no need to put in extra hours of community service, no need to try anymore. Why? Because I’m a senior! I’m done, I’m out! It’s true that seniors are done and out but not entirely. If you keep up the bad habits of procrastination, you may end up taking these “skills” to college. Baccay said, “Work ethics now is your work ethic in college.” A word of advice for all the seniors and future seniors indeed. It’s important to keep up a good habit. Find yourself too lazy to even try? Remember, “keep your eye on graduation, enjoy senior year, don’t let your grades slip!”-Baccay.