Senior Ditch Day

Adrian Salazar, Staff Reporter

Senior Ditch Day or “senior skip day” is the day when seniors decide to ditch a whole day of school and go somewhere else like an amusement park, the lake or beach, etc. with friends. This school year senior ditch day was on April 28, 2016, the Thursday before a three-day weekend. Seniors decide to ditch because it’s their last year here at West, and it’s nice to get away from school once in a while and go have fun with their friends. On the other hand, some seniors don’t participate in this day because they can get in trouble with their parents and with the school, or just don’t feel like ditching.

Senior ditch day is usually around high schools in the U.S and Canada and is typically days after prom. Some high schools take actions against ditch day, where police officers make the students come back to school. Also sometimes if you ditch, you’re forbidden from attending more future senior activities. If you’re thinking of attending next year’s senior ditch day, make sure you check your school’s policy and plan it with your friends.