Where are our seniors headed?

Sahar Fayaz, Staff Reporter

Graduation is around the corner and seniors have a small amount of time left here at West. Now our seniors take on different paths as adults. Some are joining the military, others are going to college. Kyle Snow, Carina Gonzalez and Faith Allen are just a few seniors that are going on those very different paths.


Senior Snow has always wanted to enlist in the military. Now he is paving his way to it. When asked why he wanted to join, Snow said, “You can get free education, a lot of training and meet a lot of people.” Snow plans on staying in the military for twenty years. Looking back at his experience at West, he said that West has “opened my eyes more to different people and the different capabilities of everyone.” He also believes that West has prepared him for the next chapter of his life. Some advice Snow wants to give to current and future West High students is, “Don’t procrastinate, don’t mess up your freshman and sophomore year.” West High is proud of Snow’s accomplishments and wishes him the best in the future.

Four Year University

Carina GonzalezSenior Gonzalez has worked hard these past four years and it paid off. Gonzalez will be attending CSU Chico and will be studying kinesiology. She hopes to become a physical therapist. Looking back at her experience at West, Gonzalez believes West has prepared her for the next chapter in her life, “Ms.Tomlin, Ms. Garro, my teachers, have helped me get where I need to be; they inspire me.” When asked if she had any advice for current and future West High students, Gonzalez said, “Work as hard as you can right now so it can be easier when you get into college.” Gonzalez is ready to take on college and the world.

Junior College

Faith AllenSenior Allen never liked wasting time; she wants to achieve her goals “quickly and with less distractions.” That’s why she is planning on going to Delta Junior College. Allen, who started attending Delta during her senior year, said, “The students are friendly and the faculty is always there to help.” Allen plans on majoring in nursing but is also looking into other majors as well. Looking back at her West High experience Allen said,”I was never very social as a kid, but West High School has done well in helping me to communicate not just with my peers but also to adults. I’ve gained speech and got to expand my horizons. I hope West High continues to help students experience all kinds of careers and activities.” Allen advises current and future West High students to take risks saying, “You don’t have to be so quick to grow up. Enjoy your time in high school. Join a club, play a sport you never thought of playing, make changes and never regret.”