Pierce’s Senior Reflection


Courtesy of Lifetouch

Pierce Nixon, Staff Reporter

High school is and was a long journey for many of us seniors. The last four years may be the most difficult period of time in our lives, but the true journey is slowly emerging called adulthood. My time here at west has been filled with many different moments: good, sad, angry and amazing. When I first arrived as a freshman, life seemed easy, this was to be my home for the next 4 years. A new school inside a new town I was quite the tourist looking around in this new landscape. I ran into many different types of people in my first year. If you look around with high hopes, you’ll surely find many diverse characters.

With the opportunity for many good times and memories, not everything here is what it seems. This environment and the lifeforms inhabiting it is always changing on the daily. You’ll run into snakes, you’ll run into vultures and you’ll run into lions. Most, but not everyone, will say things that aren’t true, someone is getting back stabbed or someone is being fake and untrue to their character. Over the years, I have became an observant person taking no side in personal beefs as the majority of students here talk negatively about a person they hang out with on the daily. These actions disgust me and I assure you, having less friends is better than having a whole squad of friends.

Here at West, you’ll have many choices with extracurricular activates and a diverse line up of sports. You should join as many clubs and do many sports, be involved as much as you can and have a great time! West is only fun if you go out there and make it fun. You could make life here fun and easy, make it a great time or not, the choice is yours, good bye West High!!!