Teachers fulfilled seeing their students graduate

Destinee Goodman, Staff Reporter

How time flies when you’re having fun. Seniors, on May 28 you guys will officially graduate from high school and branch off into the “real world,” but the faculty would like you to realize the collaborative effort that got you to it.

They have prepared their students by giving them the tools to maximize their grades in class. It is important to lay the foundation of good study habits which leads to classroom performance in quizzes, tests and optimum grades. As a teacher, forming a solid lesson plan is an integral part of visualizing a student’s road map for success. The key to this success is student and teacher working together towards the ultimate goal of graduation. Spanish teacher, Ms. Laura Henriquez said about her students, “That they have really worked hard to achieve their accomplishments.”

The aspect of student growth they will miss the most is transformation. By that, as a whole teachers enjoy observing the growth of a student during the course of four years and can relate it to watching a baby learning to crawl, a toddler learning to walk and a young person learning to run with reckless abandon. English teacher, Ms. Anne Duff said, “That sometimes there’s a whole lot of work that goes into it that no one really knows about. They have really struggled and sometimes it’s not academic, sometimes it’s personal, but eventually I see this person smiling and proud of themselves. It’s awesome.” They are constantly amazed when they see a senior and compare the growth when he or she was a freshman. Helping students cope with academic skills combined with social skills is a very rewarding experience which teachers feel definitely prepares them for life after high school. It truly is a sense of experiencing the maturity of a student and a young adult.

What teachers will miss the most of the class of 2016 are the students: the highs and lows, the tears and laughter which is the high school life. As teachers, their wish is that they take all the skills they have learned and apply them toward life. It is Henriquez’s hope, “That they find happiness and success.” Whether it is college or employment, use all the tools you worked so hard to craft. Math teacher Ms. Karen Evans said, “To follow their dreams and do everything they can, even though they don’t feel they can do it, just try.” Most of all when leaving high school, teachers want their students to remain open-minded and communicate in a positive way in all of their life experiences. Duff’s final words to the class of 2016 are: “You got this!”