Connie’s Senior Reflection


Courtesy of Lifetouch

Connie Chan, Staff Reporter

Dear Freshman self,

You are amazing. I know that you’ve worked so hard to get to where you are now, but don’t stop trying. It will be harder than what it seems but you’ve been through worse. The next four years are going to be great, but you will still have so much ahead of you after high school. In high school, you will have your ups and downs. You will meet people who will bring you happiness you never thought had existed and you will meet people who will leave you feeling like nothing. You will think you have your life together and at times look around and feel like you’re falling behind everyone else. There will be times when you’ll need help, but you won’t know how to ask for it. You will have days where you feel like the wonderful person you are, but some days you will feel like you want to hide. But remember this: you are a strong, beautiful person who deserves the world. Nothing, NOTHING can stop you from your dreams. You can overcome any obstacle you have coming your way.

P.S. You’re still cool.

Love always,

Connie Chan