Breeahna’s Senior Reflection

Breeahna Dobson, Co Editor-in-Chief

Dear Freshman Self,

Stop. You’re doing it again. You’re picturing yourself upside down and face to face with a half-eaten tuna sandwich, flailing your legs around in the trash can that you were just thrown into by a senior. You’re imagining all of the onlookers laughing, and feeling almost relieved that the only one who is able to see your face burning red with embarrassment is the tuna sandwich. The horrendous scenarios you’ve built up in your imagination about the horrors of high school are nothing but myths. You’re not going to get trampled by jocks in the hallway, or get laughed at by a group of preppy girls. The students don’t break out into synchronized dance and four-part harmonies during lunch. This isn’t Grease or High School Musical.

Your hopes and dreams of your high school experience will be exceeded just as much as they will be let down. You’re going to learn that being in high school isn’t an ordinary walk in the park. You’ll find yourself traveling down the path to your future one minute and crying the next minute because you ran face first into an obstacle blocking your path to success. The responsibilities will come hurdling towards you faster than you can manage and knock the wind out of you. The workload will be so overwhelming that you’re going to feel the anxiety in your throat, suffocating you with the thought of all the deadlines you have to meet. Your mind will constantly be moving a mile a minute, retaining every ounce of information you can muster for your next test. I know the idea of voluntarily putting yourself through all of this sounds absolutely insane, but I promise you, it’s all worth it. Every book you read is expanding your knowledge of the way this world works. Every essay you write is bettering your skills as a writer and future journalist. Keep your head up and your self-confidence high, because there’s so much more to high school than sleepless nights and homework.

Nothing will compare to the excitement of Friday night football games, decked out in complete blue and gold, chanting alongside all your friends under the stadium lights. There isn’t a way to describe the pride you’ll feel from the applause and hollers of approval from the students watching you perform in the rally. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. You’re going to make incredible friends. Depend on them. Love them. Appreciate them. Family comes first. Always. Don’t overwhelm yourself with responsibilities. Give yourself time to relax. Take bubble baths with pricey bath bombs. Spend an entire day reading romance novels. Eat all the Mediterranean mint gelato you want. Enjoy yourself and do what makes you happy.

I know you’re feeling pressured, but I also know that you have so much faith in yourself. You’re a young girl with bright eyes and an open heart ready to take on the world. You think you can carry the world on your shoulders, helping all who need you along the way. Trust me, I tried. But high school is a big step for a 14 year old who hasn’t grown out of her “coordinate my outfits entirely around peace-signs” phase. Over the course of the next four years, life is going to body slam you to the ground with problems. You’re going to feel like it’s impossible to recover. But I promise you that if you always keep smiling through the good and the bad, everything will be okay in the end.