Preview of fall sports

Carrie Buckley, Sports Editor

As school just begins, the fall sports are ready to shine. From making touch downs, to winning a race, to making a perfect swing, to setting the perfect ball ready for a spike, to winning a match or even to scoring a goal in the water, these teams are ready for their chance to have some fun and win.




Photographer: Alissa Luangrath

Football has had some major accomplishments in the last few years as they went to playoffs. However, with their determination, they are ready to be better than ever. They have done many new things to improve their game play such as high speed training, offense and snapping the ball in between 15 and 20 seconds every time. This season they will be a lot faster as they want to win league. They all have their favorite things about their team, but head coach Steve Anastasio said, “Being out [here] with them. All the teams I have had here at West, coming out here every day and enjoying the camaraderie and seeing the young men develop.”



carrie xc

Photographer: Alexis Vasquez

It is not only football who is ready for an amazing season, cross country is as well. This year, the team consists of over 60 runners, creating one of their biggest teams ever. Many of the runners hope to make it to sections. They have been practicing intensely for the past 2 months while having fun at the same time. “I like how we are all a family and that everyone is cool with each other. We know when to mess around and when to be serious,” said senior co-captain Andrew Enriquez. Enriquez says he hopes everyone enjoys being and racing on the team.




carrie tennis

Zaria Ealy

This year’s girl’s tennis team is ready for the challenge. Each team has a competitor that they would say is their biggest competition, but for the West girl’s tennis team it will be their cross- town rivalry, Tracy High School. However, the girls are ready for competition as “[they] all work hard, and work together and still have fun,” said senior Zaria Ealy. But the challenge is not the only thing they look forward to. This year memories want to be made. “I look forward to getting to know all the girls because we have a lot of new players and seeing how the team works well together,” Ealy said.




Photographer:Camille Mendoza

Water polo is determined to do better this year than the last. Playing water polo takes a lot of strength and is very demanding as each player treads water. When asked what her favorite thing about her team is, senior Jocelyn Amaya said, “That we all get along very well and they’re super sweet and like we can joke around.”




Photographer:Richard Villena

Volleyball consists of 12 total players, 6 on the home side and 6 on the visitor side, on the court. Volleyball is new to some of the girls. Freshman Isabella Chavarria said, “Rotation is very new to us,” as she started on the freshman team. They have to be ready for the ball as it comes toward them as well as helping one another. Even though their season has just started, the girls already feel like a family, “We are so compet[sic],” said Chavarria.



Golf is not an easy sport as some would believe it to be. It takes a lot of concentration and can easily stress someone out as they swing the wrong way. It is very much a team sport as their scores count as a team; however, they play individually with hope to improve. When asked what her favorite thing about her team is, senior Danielle Green said, “The returning girls and the new girls- we have a great friendship.” The atmosphere is very different from other sports since there is no conflicts that distract them. The competing teams the girls meet are very friendly as they share snacks with one another. Nevertheless, each one of them “always want to do better the next game,” said senior Kelly Ramirez.