Leadership: it’s more than just posters

Madeleine Alt, News Editor

As another year begins, optimism radiates from the diverse array of faces in this year’s Leadership class. Every student shares the common goal of promoting positivity and personifying school spirit, an example that everyone can look up to. With an enthusiastic attitude and an abundance of creativity, Leadership is already setting themselves up for success.

This year, the class welcomes a batch of new students, as well as returning students who are ready to instruct and guide them on how to be well-rounded and active participators. Separating themselves from last year’s class, these students are “more hyper” and “thrive under pressure” as Mr. Behnam says. He also states that everyone supports each other in working hard and of course, making room for fun. As ASB president, Mike Manley’s main role is to “make sure everything is getting done” while working with everyone to have a great school year. There is a strong presence of teamwork and cohesion that really bond the students together. Cooperation and open-mindedness are essential factors for completing tasks and making sure the class runs efficiently.

Senior Ro’lana Erskine recognizes the great diversity of this year’s class. She said, “[the students] can relate to all types of people on campus.” This aspect of Leadership truly reflects the celebrated diversity of West High’s student population as a whole. At the core of it all, this year’s class is ready to get everyone involved for a spirited and fun-filled year.