Learning takes precedence

Sahar Fayaz, Opinion editor

West High has started the school year with plenty of changes. The new tardy policy and fancy bathroom passes are just some of the noticeable ones, but what has changed in education? According to Principal Troy Brown, the school wants to “refocus on student learning.”

Brown continues saying that “We want to ensure that we support student learning.” With that in mind, Brown has invested in new agendas for every student and teacher on campus; new technology has been introduced into classrooms last year and this year as well. This new tech includes smartboards and projectors, but are they really an asset to the classroom? Assistant Principal Zachary Boswell states that they are trying to integrate what the district is giving us into the classrooms. Teachers have been receiving lessons; however, Boswell says that “new technology always has a few hiccups.” Aside from the hiccups, he says that the new tech makes students more involved in their educational journey. The interaction with the new technology is supposed to elevate student participation in the classroom. With that, Boswell states, “The goal is always student learning.”

As always, West High’s faculty wants to make sure every student is safe, comfortable and given the best education possible. Each staff member looks at their practice to ensure that it supports student learning. This has always been the goal for the school. Brown concludes that, “We want to make sure students are ready for what comes next.”