Squad Goals

Adrian Salazar, Staff Reporter

West High Cheerleaders are back and are ready to show us all why they are the best at what they do. This year the squad is bigger than ever from freshmen to varsity. The girls are ready to cheer for our football team to encourage them to make the playoffs. The cheerleaders have been getting ready since summer and have practice Monday through Thursday to get ready for the games on Friday.




Arlene Duran is a junior and a flyer for the Varsity squad. She feels nervous about the first rally but knows her squad will do great. Duran believes it’s better to have a bigger squad, so they can do more stunts and it looks better than a small squad. When asked what was her favorite thing about cheering, Duran said, “I just enjoy it a lot and it’s really fun.” She has being cheering for two years now and likes to attend practice to joke around with her cheer friends. “People should join the cheer team because it’s fun, it gets people together and it’s a positive thing for the school.” said Duran. Even though it takes a lot of her free time, she still enjoys it.



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Kasondra Mae Moore is a junior and a base for the Varsity squad. She feels ready for the rally and very confident everything will go as planned. Moore believes it is a little difficult to have a bigger squad since the coaches can’t be helping everyone one by one. When asked if cheering takes a lot of her free time Moore said,” Yes, definitely, but it’s worth it.” She has been cheering since she was seven and is very passionate about it. Her best memory so far was this summer’s cheer camp with her teammates. Moore’s favorite thing about cheering is the routines, jumps and being competitive. “People should join the team because it’s fun, we represent the school and we’re just…better, getting better each year,” said Moore.



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Meghan DaSilva is a sophomore and a flyer for the junior varsity (JV) squad. She feels really positive and confident about the rally. She enjoys having a bigger squad because they can do more advanced things with more people. Cheering takes a lot of her free time, but it’s worth it to her. When asked what was her favorite thing about cheering, DaSilva said, “learning more advance stunts and making a family with the team.” She has been cheering for three years now and two for the West cheer team. DaSilva believes in order to be a cheerleader you need to have a good attitude and dedication toward the sport. Her favorite memory was her first homecoming for West because it was very successful and she had a blast. “I think people should join the cheer team because it shows a lot of school spirit and we build a family,” said DaSilva.